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Diving in Western Australia

Explore diving in Western Australia

Western Australia is a hot spot for marine diversity - one of the top six on the planet. The rich surrounding waters offer chances to dive with reef fish, sharks, and octopus. Diving in Western Australia is best known for its breath-taking whale shark encounters.

Off shore into the outer reef, large sections of cabbage coral act as cleaning stations for grey reef sharks, turtles, and groupers and even the occasional manta ray. Cleaner wrasse can be seen picking out fish left-overs. Divers can watch this incredible behaviour by kneeling down on the sand in 12m water, as the show goes on around them.

From drift dives on walls to mellow lagoon dives, scuba diving in Western Australia will amaze you time after time.

When to dive in Western Australia

The beauty of diving in Western Australia is that you can do it year round. With water temps ranging from 70-77˚F (21-26˚C), diving is just as comfortable in winter as it is in the middle of summer.

Whether you plan to visit in whale shark season (March- September) to get up close with the ocean's biggest fish, or in December to March to catch the turtle mating season, you won't be disappointed any time of year.

In the summer months between November and February, you may be lucky enough to witness large numbers of manta rays forming mating chains. With such incredible marine diversity, Western Australia scuba diving adventures are unmissable.

Dive sites and dive shops in Western Australia

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Common marine life sightings for Western Australia

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More Information

Diving in Western Australia is easy: the state is one of the most accessible places on the continent. For most, the best way to access diving in Western Australia is via Perth, the state's capital.

Perth Airport welcomes direct flights from the UK, the Middle East, South Africa, New Zealand and Asia. Domestic flights to Perth from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Darwin operate regularly.

From Perth Airport, take a domestic flight to Broome (2h 30m) which is close to all the western coast's famous dive sites and a common departure point for liveaboards.

If you fancy a road trip, consider travelling 260km west of Broome to the edge of Australia's continental shelf. This area features three glorious coral atolls, renowned for breath-taking wall dives and shallow lagoons. Swim among shellfish and giant clams while exploring one of the ocean's largest and most pristine coral gardens, brimming with tropical fish.

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230 V
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International airports
Perth Intl (PER)

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