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Exclusive to PADI Club™ members, our Speaker Series
brings you stories of underwater discovery & expedition!

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Diver certification begins here with PADI's online learning.

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For Beginners
Open Water Diver
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For Divers
Advanced Open Water Diver
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Enriched Air Diver
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Certification Cards
Limited Edition Certification Card

Your certification card says a lot about you – your dive certification level, how long you’ve been diving and what you care about.

You may be bold and fearless, passionate about extreme cold diving conditions or tech-level depths and relate to qualities of the Great White Shark. Or, more gentle and inquisitive just like Humpback Whales. Whatever your qualities are, check out our 2022 limited edition certification cards and choose the card that reflects you as a diver.

Which Design are you?

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10 Ways Diving is Good for Your Health

Diving isn’t just an exciting way to enjoy the ocean, but is also good for the body and the mind.



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Is Sustainable Dive Travel Your Thing?

Since 2018, we've worked with The Reef-World Foundation to make sustainable diving and snorkeling the industry norm. Now global, the Green Fins initiative supports everyone, everywhere in protecting the ocean whether you're a diver, snorkeler, freediver or mermaid!

How far will you go to protect marine life?

Dive Travel

Our PADI Travel Scuba Experts can help you find the perfect destination, with a variety of marine life, and plan a dive adventure that’s fun, memorable, and as worry-free as possible.  Choose your dream vacation whether staying overnight on a diving boat or enjoying dive trips at a dive resort.
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Fulfill your desire for exploration with a wreck diving adventure on a liveaboard dive boat. Wrecks offer a window into the past and the promise of discovery.

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Dive Resorts

Explore unique dive destinations from your home base with the flexibility to create your own dive itinerary and enjoy a range of activities. With so many choices, where will you go on your next dive adventure?

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PADI Adventures

Discover diving activities near you. From a weekend dive with your local dive center to a new scuba course, PADI Adventures makes it easy to find your next dive adventure.




Gear Up for the New Season

Whether you're staying local or like to enjoy the outdoors, we got you covered with warm and cozy sustainable gear – made from materials you’ll love!