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Diving in the Arctic

Explore diving in the Arctic

Diving in the polar regions allows for close encounters with some extraordinary marine life. Witness the graceful beluga whales, magnificent pods of narwhal or even an orca or two.

Dive around naturally sculpted icebergs, encounter rich marine life from soft corals and fish to marine mammals, and experience the underwater sounds of frozen seas.

Explore the Arctic seafloor and discover urchins, starfish, and glittering jellyfish. Witness the surreal world of blue and turquoise ice with the black depths below you. This is truly  underwater photographer’s paradise.


When to dive in the Arctic

The best time to dive in the Arctic is from April to September. The summer months sees the midnight sun, while the winter months offer the best chances to witness the incredibly northern lights.

Most diving around the Arctic occurs near Spitsbergen, located in the northern islands of Norway.

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More Information

Flying is the most popular and quickest way to get to the Arctic. There are regular scheduled flights throughout the region.

You can also get to the Artic by boat, this is only possible for a few months each summer, with routes starting in either Scotland, Iceland or Norway.

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