Adopt A Dive Site

Help protect 30% of the ocean by 2030. 



What is Adopt A Dive Site?

Adopt a Dive Site launched in 2016 to encourage scuba diving leaders around the world to engage in ongoing, local protection and monitoring of our underwater playgrounds. 

To encourage ownership of local underwater environments, we asked participants to commit to a monthly Dive Against Debris survey at their chosen site. The program was a phenomenal success. 

Encouraged by the response from the dive community, the program is now expanding beyond marine debris to tackle additional issues such as vulnerable species protection, habitat preservation and climate change, supporting the  UN Sustainable Development Goals and PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action

Looking forward, Adopt a Dive Site aims to increase the economic value of scuba diving tourism by continually expanding the responsibility and ownership PADI professionals and dive centers have over their local environments. 



88 Countries

448 Adopted Dive Sites

331 Professional Participants



Our Strategy

Protect 30% of the ocean through partnerships and expansion of Adopt A Dive Site®.

Key Actions  (1) Mobilizing 50% of PADI’s global dive shops to Adopt A Dive Site® by 2023  (2) Enabling the establishment of new Marine Protected Areas in 20 countries by 2026

Local Action
Monthly Site Surveys

PADI Dive Centers, Resorts and Professionals regularly surveying their adopted sites with the support of divers and the local community. 

Global Network
Global Impact
A Global Protected Network

A global network of 10,000 adopted dive sites, supporting new MPAs and protecting 30% of the oceans by 2030.



Join the Network

Coming Soon

The revised Adopt A Dive Site program is relaunching and applications for new sign-ups will re-open in 2022. Stay tuned!



How do I adopt my dive site?

It’s as easy as completing the application form. If you do find yourself struggling to complete this, please contact us. 

What site should I adopt?

The choice is yours! We suggest a dive site that you visit regularly and can conduct citizen science surveys on a routine basis.

Can I adopt more than one dive site?

Yes - there is no limit to the number of dive sites one dive center or PADI professional can adopt. However, please be aware that as part of the joining agreement, you may be called upon for conservation action and underwater citizen science at any time. If you do not think you can carry out these commitments at multiple sites, then please reconsider how many sites you adopt.

Can I adopt my dive site if I’m not working with a PADI dive center?

You do not need to be operating with a PADI dive center to join the Adopt a Dive Site program, but you do need to be a PADI professional (Divemaster or above).