Replace Your PADI Scuba Certification Card

    For the fastest delivery, order a replacement card online using a credit card and digital photo. You can choose to receive a standard certification card or choose from a series of eye-catching designs:

    • Limited Edition PADI Certification Cards
      These limited edition replacement cards capture the excitement of diving with turtles, getting up close and personal with a brightly colored clown fish and the graceful beauty of the ray. Order a new limited edition replacement card today!
    • Project AWARE Certification CardsShow the world that you’re passionate about protecting underwater environments. Order a Project AWARE certification card and donate to Project AWARE will automatically be added to you purchase. For more information about projects that are funded by your donations, visit

    Your local PADI Dive Center or Resort can also help you request a replacement card.

    Need to upgrade your PADI Junior Diver certification?

    At 15 years old, you can upgrade your certification card so that you no longer have age-related restrictions while scuba diving. Order your replacement card online and the system will automatically produce an upgraded card based on your age. For information about PADI Junior Diver certifications or upgrading certification cards contact your local PADI Dive Center or Resort.

    Help with Your Certification Card

    Changed your name?

    Contact PADI Customer Service Department via or call +44 (0)117 300 7234 for information about what is required to change your name on your certification card.

    Want to update your contact information?

    Become a ScubaEarth® member – it’s free. Any certifications connected with your name, email and date of birth will be linked to your profile. You can update your email or mailing address information by clicking the Edit Profile link that appears under your ScubaEarth profile picture. Scroll down and click the Update Address button. Type in the updated info and click Submit to save the information.

    Problem with your new certification card?

    If there is a spelling error or other problem with your new certification card, please contact the PADI Customer Service Department via or call +44 (0)117 300 7234

    Ask about a card that has not yet arrived

    Typically, your certification card should arrive within two weeks after your PADI Instructor, Dive Center or Resort requested your card. If you’ve been waiting for more than a month, contact the PADI Customer Service Department via or call +44 (0)117 300 7234 or your local dive shop or resort.