Corporate Responsibility

“There are so many significant problems facing mankind, but as divers this is truly our cause. If scuba divers do not take an active role in preserving the aquatic realm, who will?”

- John Cronin, PADI Co-Founder

A Force for Good

Throughout its deep history, PADI has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to environmental conservation through its course offerings and alignment with organizations, such as the Project AWARE® Foundation, to protect and preserve our ocean planet. Committed to safety through leading-edge diver education, PADI changes lives in deep and meaningful ways, uniting diver voices to speak for those that cannot – the fragile, threatened inhabitants of our oceans. Over time, this commitment has become an integral part of the PADI corporate ethos. To be the best in the world, we all must be the best for the world by protecting the ocean planet we love.

PADI resolves to build a deeper purpose throughout the growing PADI network of nearly 25 million (and growing) divers and dive professionals worldwide.

“The PADI organization is committed to acting as a force for good,” says PADI President and CEO Drew Richardson. “We’re privileged to have a strong legacy to inspire us. By empowering divers and connecting them to the PADI family and global issues relevant to our industry, we can help people make the world better and be an even more powerful catalyst for change.”

PADI: A Force for Good


PADI’s Pillars of Change

PADI is committed to supporting social and environmental efforts through its Pillars of Change, designed to empower divers with information to get involved with causes they care about in tangible ways. While remaining dedicated to safe and responsible diver education, PADI aims to make a significant impact on key issues facing the dive industry – and the entire planet.


Ocean Health

A healthy ocean is critical for humanity as a whole. Learn how PADI is taking steps to help manage this vital resource and how you can be part of solutions that impact the health of our water planet.

Issues PADI is focused on: Combating Marine Debris + Plastic Pollution, Establishing Marine Protected Areas, Coral Reef Recovery and Restoration


Marine Animal Protection

Earth’s oceans contain nearly 200,000 identified species, but actual numbers may be in the millions. Protecting marine life biodiversity is critical to their survival and ours. By supporting organizations that work to implement protection laws, enact legislation and educate the public, PADI hopes to help establish balance in our aquatic ecosystems.

Issues PADI is focused on: Protection of Sharks and Rays, Ghost Fishing Gear Removal, Sustainable Dive Tourism


People + Community

By providing more educational opportunities for people around the world to become PADI Professionals, and in turn teach the world to safely explore underwater, PADI can help foster prosperity, growth and a sustainability mindset in dive communities around the world.


Healing + Wellness

Many people have found hope for their futures through their journeys of becoming divers. PADI aims to help others find similar personal transformation and healing, both mentally and physically, through PADI’s Adaptive Techniques Specialty course, as well as access to information platforms and stories of triumph over adversity, illness and hardships that testify to diving’s healing power.


Making Waves

With 6,600 PADI Dive Centers and Resorts, 128,000 PADI Professionals and nearly 25 million divers around the world, the PADI network is a force for good with tremendous human potential to make an impact on critical social and environmental issues. PADI is dedicated to bringing the conversation to the forefront, and inspire actions that lead to a stronger global dive community and healthier ocean planet.


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