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Diving in England

Explore diving in England

If you’re up for dipping your toes in cooler waters, then you’ll certainly reap the rewards here. Divers are truly spoilt for choice with hundreds of wrecks, natural reefs, caves and pinnacles to choose from. There is no shortage of diving in England, the country is large and the dives are diverse.

Walls descending 50m, thrilling caves waiting to be explored and thousands of wrecks provide a unique glimpse of the countries history. Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins, basking sharks, catfish and lobsters.

Divers will not want to miss the seal encounters at Lundy Island off the North Devon coast. Grey seals keep divers entertained with their playful and inquisitive nature. Pups are born between September-November, so later in the year can be a great time to visit.

When to dive in England

You can dive all year with average water temperatures ranging from 43°-50°F/6 -10 °C in the winter and 59°-68°F/15°-20°C in the summer.

The warmest months are September-October but we highly recommend a drysuit, thermals, hood and gloves in winter.

Where to dive in England

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London serves as the largest aviation hub in the world by passenger traffic with the largest airports being Heathrow and Stanstead. However, you will generally have several other options when flying into the country. To get around England, you can choose between taxis, buses or trains.

Using public transport in England is an easy, economical way to travel and a great way to experience the local life. The larger cities tend to have the most bus services, London and Newcastle have an underground system. Manchester, Nottingham and south London have tram networks.


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