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The varied seafloor topography creates ideal conditions for a rich, abundant and diverse underwater fauna that spans tiny invertebrates to huge pelagic fish and marine mammals.

Shoals of pelagic fish swarm, attracted by the nutrient rich water and current. Pinnacles offer beautiful deep ridges and gorges, so explore them within your dive limit and seek huge rays, morays and pelagic life.

On the accent keep your eyes on the blue, where Mobula glide towards you, sometimes in groups as large as 30-40 individuals.

When to dive Azores

Seasons in the Azores play a huge role in what can be seen and the conditions of your dive. The winter months see water temperature dropping to 58F (14C). The spring is when tourists start arriving, night diving at this time is fantastic with sightings of tope shark, squid, thornback rays and clouds of krill to name a few.

July to October is high season in the Azores, due to the manta seasons that operate from Pico, Faial and Santa Maria islands.

Visibility off the coast of the Azores varies from 15ft to 120ft (5m to 40m) due to the numerous upwellings and thermoclines, however the offshore dives enjoy constant 105ft (35m) visibility due to the deep water that exceeds 7000ft (2000m).

Dive sites and dive shops Azores

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More Information

Getting to the Azores is not complicated but can take time. Many international airports fly direct to Sao Miguel (the largest Azorean island).

However if you are looking to visit the other islands in the archipelago you have to fly to Lisbon and then get a connecting flight with SATA to the island of your choice.

Car, moped and bike rental is available on the islands.

Time Zone
230 V
B, C, F
International airports
Horta (HOR)

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