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Diving Lady Musgrave Island

Explore diving Lady Musgrave Island

Lady Musgrave Island contains multiple dive sites to explore. 

The Lagoon: Located in the centre of the Coral Cay, the lagoon offers protection from winds and strong currents at shallow depths making it a great dive site for beginners. Turtles are spotted all year round, and many species of Rays, fish, and small reef sharks can seen.

Outer Reef: Along the border of the Coral Cay there are various outer reef sites accessible via boat dives. They are generally for more advanced divers with amazing drift dives that can have strong currents and reach depths of up to 25m. A lot of larger marine life can be spotted such as Manta Rays, Sharks, Moray Eeels and more.

When to dive Lady Musgrave Island

During the Summer Months (December - February) heavy weather occasionally occurs however this is the peak season for sighting Green Sea and Hawksbill Turtles during their nesting season. 

In Autumn (March - May) leads into the turtle hatching season, Manta Ray spotted more frequently until Spring.

Winter (June - August) Whales are often spotted 

Spring (September - November) Beginning of Turtle mating and nesting season. 

Marine life at Lady Musgrave is all year round.

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Common marine life sightings for Lady Musgrave Island

More Information

Lady Musgrave Island lagoon and outer reef sites are accessible via Lady Musgrave Experience tours which run daily from Bundaberg Port Marina. 

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