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Diving in Guadalupe Island

Explore diving in Guadalupe Island

Guadalupe diving is all about adrenaline-filled encounters with Great White Sharks: Guadalupe Island is one of only four places on the planet you can dive with them. Come face-to-face with these amazing giants in some of the best cage diving in the world.

This spine-tingling experience is heightened tenfold by crystal-clear water (visibility often soars beyond 30m). Dive with huge predators protected by a cage for an up-close view. An estimated 270 Great Whites visit Guadalupe Island each year so if it's multiple encounters you're after, you're in luck.

During surface intervals, you'll likely spot playful fur seals and elephant seals which attract the bounty of sharks to the island. Cage diving at Guadalupe is open to divers and non-divers - for any level it is fiercely spectacular.

When to dive in Guadalupe Island

Every year divers make the pilgrimage to this tiny island to go cage diving with Great White Sharks. Guadalupe Island is accessible via liveaboard from August to October when the ocean is calmest. During these months the coldest waters arrive - ideal for Great Whites - with an average surface temperature of 66-70°F (19-22°C).

Plan your trip around which type of interaction you'd most like to have. August-September draws younger male sharks boisterously crowding the cages. More seasoned males descend between late September and October who are more calculating in their movements. October-November is when the biggest sharks dominate. Guadalupe Island shark diving is not possible November-July so get your thrill while you can! This is what diving in Guadalupe Island is all about.

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Common marine life sightings for Guadalupe Island

More Information

Located off Mexico's Baja California peninsula this volcanic mound is remote, so diving at Guadalupe Island is accessible only by liveaboard. There are two departure points for Guadalupe diving liveaboards: Ensenada in Mexico and San Diego in California. Sail time from both is between 18 and 22h, with most liveaboards spreading the journey over three-five days.

If your liveaboard departs from Mexico, you will fly to Tijuana Airport. You can connect to Tijuana from Mexico City (a huge international airport and the main gateway to the country) in 3h 40m. From there it's an hour and a half drive to the Port of Ensenada where you can join your liveaboard.

If your liveaboard departs from California, take a non-stop international flight to San Diego from cities like London (11h), Frankfurt (12h 15), Tokyo (12h 15m) and Vancouver (3h). The port which liveaboards depart from is opposite San Diego airport. Liveaboards departing from San Diego will need to clear Mexican customs en route.

Time Zone
127 V
Pounds/square inch (psi)
A, B
English, Spanish; Castilian
1st Stage
INT / Yoke / K
International airports
San Diego Intl (SAN)
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