Diver looking up as fish swim by


PADI AmbassaDivers™ are committed to elevating diving in their communities and across the planet.

Padi AmbassaDivers
augusto valverde
Augusto Valverde
United States
Andre Castaneda swimming towards the camera
Andre Castañeda
Barrington Scott posing for a picture while diving
Barrington Scott
United States
Cha Ocampo as she surfaces from her free dive
Cha Ocampo
Che Kothari surfaces above water for a photogenic portrait
Che Kothari
Korean actor Dong Hyuk Cho diving underwater
Dong Hyuk Cho
South Korea
Johnie Gall swimming in between seaweed
Johnie Gall
United States
Scuba diver influencer Joe Bilbow diving and posing for the photo
Joseph Bilbow
United Kingdom
A photogenic Kelly Han as she dives underwater as the sun rays glimmer
Kelly Han
Northern Mariana Islands