PADI AmbassaDiver Yumi Shirai smiling as she holds her flippers.

Yumi Shirai

"I want to share and work with divers on what only divers can do and what we must do because we are divers."


Last summer, PADI Dive Instructor and MORE Planning President Yumi Shumai celebrated the 1-year anniversary of her non-profit environmental organization to care for the Earth from the mountains to the sea. MORE is an acronym for "Mountain Ocean River Earth.” MORE’s focus is twofold: Remove illegal trash in the mountains, clean rivers and oceans, and work on community beautification projects; Restore fields and wasabi streams, and help businesses solve water pollution and waste issues. Although Yumi began diving in high school in Sydney, Australia, it wasn’t until she moved to Izu, Japan four years ago that she began diving seriously and cultivating her mission-driven organization. Yumi recognized divers are in the best position to create ocean change. In 2023, Yumi established MORE SCHOOL for divers to study environmental issues and obtain the skills to conduct underwater cleanups safely.


Kanagawa, Kanagawa

Career Highlights

  • Organized charity concerts, environmental events, exhibitions, and lectures from my student days to the present
  • Founded "MORE Planning," an organization that picks up trash illegally dumped in the mountains, picks up trash in the ocean and conducts community beautification activities
  • Open "MORE SCHOOL," as a school for divers, to study environmental issues and skills of trash picking from underwater
  • Obtained PADI OWSI certification
  • Restoration of fields and wasabi streams and help businesses solve water pollution and waste problems

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