PADI AmbassaDiver India Black posing for a photo inside an aquarium.

India Black

"Empowering people to step beyond their comfort zone, seeking a new world and freedom. Leaving a positive mark on our world is my goal."


India Black seeks sunshine and adventure and uses her experience to share it with others.
She is a content creator/broadcaster, wildlife and marine conservation advocate, and part-time wellbeing mentor/PT who works alongside young people with eating disorders and learning differences.

India developed a love for the ocean and adventure through sailing, snorkeling, and swimming in Dorset, England, and later embraced Va'a, (outrigger canoe paddling), which pushed her beyond her boundaries and led to exploring the world's oceans and lifelong friendship. She paddled 110 Km across the treacherous Alenuihaha channel between Hawaii island and Maui. She says, “The water has always been a place of healing and growth for me; it’s where I connect back to my breath and take a step away from external troubles. Having overcome mental health struggles in my teens, I hold a special place in my heart for people who are navigating their own mental health journeys. I hope to inspire others to forge their own unique connection with the ocean by sharing my own experiences and content of just how breathtakingly beautiful it can be.” She currently lives in London, England, where her Va’a journey began.


Poole, Dorset, England
United Kingdom

Career Highlights

  • Paddling across the Alenuihaha Channel in Hawai’i with my Outrigging Club
  • Becoming a PADI AmbassaDiver!
  • Accumulating a social media following of over 370K which has opened up a world of incredible opportunities I'm unbelievably grateful for and enabled me to work with charities/brands WaterAid, Nike, BBC, PADI (of course) and more!
  • Holding accredited diplomas in Zoology, Acting and Musical Theatre, and Personal Training
  • Partaking in marine and turtle conservation efforts across the world.

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