PADI AmbassaDiver Giosue Reale on the beach with a surfboard.

Giosue Reale

"Through my work I am lucky to share my passion for local marine life to individuals during my paddleboard/kayak sessions."


Follow “Gio” for a daily dose of seaside life off Brighton’s shores. 23-year-old Giosue Reale has been in love with the ocean for as long as he can remember. He started his scuba diving journey at age 11, and now lives, snorkels, dives and teaches watersports year-round in East Sussex, United Kingdom. He is a Divemaster who travels the world filming shark species to underline the beauty and importance of this keystone species. Last summer Giosue rescued baby catshark Lenny and successfully released him back into the seas of Sussex.


Sicily, Siracusa

Career Highlights

  • Rescue 50+ washed up cuttlefish eggs and a shark egg, successfully hatch and release the animals back into the wild
  • Over 100 logged scuba dives across 4 continents
  • Over 100 thousand followers across all socials by sharing my underwater videography

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