PADI AmbassaDivers Expedition Rove taking a picture by their vehicle under sunlight.

Mary Hannah Hardcastle and Andy Ellis (Expedition Rove)

"We hope that by sharing our journey we can inspire others to get out and take on their own adventurous dreams in the great outdoors."


For the last 5 years, husband and wife adventure duo Mary Hannah Hardcastle & Andy Ellis have navigated the globe in their bright orange Land Rover Defender, Tango, and always with a sense of spirit: “Roadtrippin’ around the world, one setback at a time.” They’ve explored more than 45 countries in North, Central and South America, up to the Arctic Circle, across Europe to Turkey, and in Africa. One of their recent goals was to discover new hobbies they could do together on the road. In 2023, Mary and Andy took the plunge and got their Open Water Diver certifications in Cape Town, South Africa: “It’s rare these days, with so many distractions, to find something that you’re completely enthralled in. Fully and wholeheartedly present and thinking about what you’re doing…it’s so awesome to finally feel like we’ve found something that we can do together on the road that will allow us to fully disconnect and see a completely different side to the places we go.”


Houston, Texas
United States

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