Open Water Diver

Open Water Diver

Emily Krak, Open Water Diver

A Steward for the sea.

Growing up surfing, swimming and snorkeling the southern California coast instilled in Emily a deep love of the ocean and an even stronger desire to protect it. The natural beauty and marine life she encountered at the surface – dolphins, sea lions and kelp beds – piqued her curiosity about what could be discovered at deeper depths. This curiosity not only propelled Emily to become a certified diver but it inspired her to make diving a career. As part of the PADI marketing team, Emily is committed to ensuring divers are continuing their dive education and aware of the opportunities available to them so that there are more and more stewards for the sea.

The hope is that if we can get people passionate about diving, then we can inspire people to care about the ocean.

Emily Krak, PADI Open Water Diver

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