Adopt The Blue

10,000 sites by 2025




What is Adopt The Blue?

The world’s largest network of underwater sites for conservation action.

PADI’s global network of 6,600 dive centers and resorts and more than 128,000 professional members worldwide will provide the backbone for Adopt The Blue. They will provide unprecedented scale and unmatched potential for participants to take direct action that will drive measurable conservation impact.



Our Strategy

Adopt the Blue provides multiple pathways for PADI operators, professionals, divers and other ocean enthusiasts to get actively involved in conservation at both the local and global level. PADI amplifies conservation efforts through cross-channel marketing, community grants, storytelling and strategic partnerships.


Local Action
  • Participate in underwater citizen science 
  • Lobby and advocate local governments
  • Support in-country projects and campaigns
  • Volunteer for conservation events
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Global Impact
  • Network of 10,000 sites
  • Ability to scale conservation work 
  • Economic voice at the international table
  • Driven by a global movement of divers 



Join the Network

Any PADI Dive Center, Resort or Professional can join the network now, it only takes a few minutes on the PADI AWARE App Currently in English only

Not a PADI Dive Center, Resort or Professional but want to join a community creating ocean change? Become an Ocean Torchbearer today. 



Our Founding Partner


Blancpain: Official Partner of the PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action and Founding Partner of the PADI MPA Program and ADOPT THE BLUE™

PADI is proud to join forces with Blancpain to fundamentally increase the number of marine protected areas (MPAs) around the globe over the coming decade.

Together, Blancpain and PADI will work with local communities across the globe to expedite the establishment of MPAs. At the heart of the multi-year partnership is the flagship citizen science program, Adopt the Blue™ in which 6,600 registered PADI dive centers and resorts will be activated to develop the largest network of marine protected areas on the planet, enabling millions of PADI recreational divers to proactively engage in marine conservation at every opportunity.

Program FAQs

We would recommend visiting our FAQ page here for information on the program.  Only PADI Instructors and Dive Centers can Adopt the Blue. 

How do I Adopt The Blue?

The application form takes 3-5 minutes and can be found on the PADI AWARE app or online Currently in English only. Only PADI Instructors and Dive Centers can Adopt the Blue. In the future, we will provide actions for the broader community of ocean enthusiasts. 

How can NGO's and partners work with the network?

We see Adopt The Blue as a vital delivery mechanism to serve the broader ocean conservation movement - creating scale and the necessary infrastructure to drive local conservation efforts.  If you would like to ask for support of a project or campaign you can contact our staff at [email protected]. In the future, we will have inquiry forms available for partners.

Where can I see the full inventory of sites?
Who funds the Adopt the Blue Program?

PADI AWARE Foundation, a public charity, manages the program on a day to day basis through donations and our partnership support from PADI. Our key sponsor, Blancpain, has generously provided multi-year funding to build and grow this program for the next 5 years.