Celebrate Women's Dive Day

PADI Women’s Dive Day: Community, Conservation and Tradition


Thanks to all who celebrated PADI Women's Dive Day 18 July 2020.

2021 marks the seventh year of this historic celebration and, as the event has grown to be the largest single day of diving on the planet, we will expand our efforts to mobilize the entire dive community to take-action for the ocean!
Mark your calendars and invite your friends to join you in protecting the underwater world, 17 July 2021. 



Strengthening the dive community.

For the past six years, divers have been coming together each July for a day of shared passion and adventure for the underwater world. PADI would like to thank everyone who has helped make PADI Women’s Dive Day the most celebrated day of diving on the planet.

These PADI AmbassaDivers are sparking change for the ocean.

Tara Jain
Tara Jain

PADI Diver, Executive Director of Reef Watch Marine Conservation and Marine Biodiversity & Conservation Scientist, Tara is building a dive community across India committed to protecting our ocean and coastal communities.

WDD Blue Lat
Blue Latitudes

Marine Scientists and Entrepreneurs, the founders of Blue Latitudes are finding solutions to offshore rig challenges in order to support and preserve marine ecosystems.  

Melodie Trevino - PADI AmbassaDiver
Melodie Trevino

PADI Tech Diver and sustainable dive tourism advocate, Melodie is driving the development of environmental and socially sustainable dive operations across Mexico’s most pristine aquatic environments. 


PADI women scuba Sarah

Be a Torchbearer.


One single person can make a difference and that person is you. PADI’s mission is to create a billion torchbearers that explore and protect our ocean. A community that cares deeply about healing the planet above and below the surface, PADI Torchbearers inspire others to bring about meaningful change by turning passion into purpose for the ocean.



PADI Women's Dive Day

Start your adventure.

Interested in completing your first dive on PADI Women’s Dive Day? Millions of people have learned to scuba dive and gone on to discover the wonders of the aquatic world by earning their PADI Open Water Diver certification.

Start now to become an explorer and ambassador for the ocean planet. 


For those whose hearts belong to the oceans.

A special collection curated for women who love diving and sharing their passion for adventure and exploration with others.