Womens Dive Day 2022

يوم واحد. 100 دولة. 1000 حدث. أكبر يوم غوص في العالم.


Creating a balance between humanity and the ocean

PADI® Women’s Dive Day has grown into the most celebrated day of diving on the planet, transforming lives and opening the door to the underwater world. For 10 years, the dive community has rallied together to encourage divers of all genders, ages, races, backgrounds, and abilities to confidently explore and protect the ocean.  


Check back regularly for additional events. 

اكتشفوا المزيد من العالم تحت الماء

يوم غوص المرأة "PADI Women’s Dive Day" هو الفرصة المثاليّة لمغامرة جديدة. ابدؤوا دورة الغوص الخاصّة بكم على الإنترنت اليوم واحتفلوا بتأهيل الغوص الجديد الخاصّ بكم في الأحداث العالميّة.


Join the community of #PADIWOMEN

Connect with other incredible #padiwomen and share your own story to inspire friends, family, and future generations of divers to join you in seeking adventure and saving the ocean. 

Inspiring PADI Women

Creating a Brighter Future for People & Planet
Creating a Brighter Future for People and Planet
Our Love for the Ocean Can Change Lives
Our Love for the Ocean Can Change Lives
Inclusivity in Diving
The Importance of a Diverse & Inclusive Dive Community


These PADI AmbassaDivers turn passion into purpose


Women in Diving Live Series

Person posing for PADI gear.
A special PADI Gear collection curated for women who love diving and our beautiful blue planet.

For Those Whose Hearts Belong To The Ocean