PADI AmbassaDiver Luciana Maldonado posing outside in her scuba diving gear.

Luciana Maldonado

"As a scuba diver instructor, my mission is to inspire and educate others to explore and protect the ocean while promoting sustainable diving practices and fostering a love for marine conservation."


When Luciana Maldonado graduated with her social communications degree in Argentina, she wasn’t sure what her path would be, but she would soon find out. While working for an important sports TV network for 3 years  in Argentina. she looked for ways to heal herself through spiritual therapies she still practices today. Then Luciana discovered scuba diving in Indonesia. She says, “My life changed completely: In that moment I found all the answers I was looking for and I decided to leave my entire professional life that looked "perfect” and I dedicated myself fully to diving and pursuing my passion for the sea and marine life. I moved to Mexico and explored the amazing dives there, Cozumel and Cenotes. I did all my diving career there from Open Water to Instructor. Today I continue studying and learning about diving every day, moving around the world and discovering new places.” Luciana currently lives in Miami, Florida.


Patagonia, Neuquén

Career Highlights

  • Teaching hundreds of students a year to scuba dive and explore the ocean responsibly.
  • More than 1000 guided dives around the world promoting marine conservation and sustainable tourism.
  • Developed and implemented customized dive training programs for various groups, including youth, seniors, and individuals with disabilities.
  • Collaborated with marine biologists and conservationists to create educational programs and workshops on ocean conservation and protecting marine life.
  • We achieved a 100% student certification rate and a 95% student satisfaction rate. Many students became passionate ambassadors of the ocean.
  • Contributed to local beach cleanups, marine animal rescue initiative and coral reef restoration projects, inspiring students to take action for ocean health.

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