PADI Ambassadiver Jessica Pita sitting for a photo with her dog.

Jessica Pita

"To prove that you do not need sight to have a vision, a vision that only you can set a standard of what capabilities you have."


Jessica Pita is a passionate advocate for disabilities. Through her social media platform, she shares content that depicts inspiring, humorous, and everyday moments in the life of a blind girl. Each of these moments serves as a valuable lesson, highlighting the challenges and lack of inclusivity faced by individuals with disabilities compared to the able-bodied population. Taking advantage of opportunities to defy expectations, Jessica embraces scuba diving and activities that show anything is possible regardless of one’s abilities. Her love for the planet and its natural beauty drives her to appreciate the world without relying solely on her sight. Utilizing her heightened senses of hearing and muscle memory, Jessica excels in show jumping, plays multiple musical instruments, dives, and fearlessly explores many other daring activities. Her passion to spread the awareness of the power maintained by the disabled community proves that anyone can dive and make a success of themselves.


Benoni, Gauteng,
South Africa

Career Highlights

  • Disability activist
  • Keynote speaker
  • Website launch for motivational brand with weekly uploaded blogs
  • University student, majoring in psychology and anthropology
  • Blogger for a Portuguese newspaper
  • PADI’s first South African adaptive diver
  • 5th Avenue Equestrian’s first blind show jumper
  • Recognition in local newspapers, magazines and an international magazine

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