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Diving in Maui

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The Hawaiian islands are the most isolated archipelago in the world. 75% of the marine life is endemic. Divers can expect to encounter rare reef fish such as the Whitley’s boxfish, colorful nudibranchs such as the white lace nudi, and larger creatures like turtles, monk seals, sharks and mantas can also be found swimming in Maui's crystal waters. In the winter months, humpback whales make Maui County their home and the waters are teeming with the gentle giants. 

Besides the abundant marine life, Maui County is perhaps best known for its unique underwater topography. The boat sites off South Lanai tell the story of Maui's volcanic past. Ancient lava flows have created stunning lava shoots, archways, and large caverns that are truly awe inspiring. A must do for any avid diver.


When to dive in Maui

It's always diving season on Maui! No matter what time of year you come, you will be able to dive in clear waters. Certain months do make for colder temperatures, but overall the water is temperate and warm. With a few exceptions, most shore sites are accessible year round. The same is true for boat diving. Though certain dives, like the Hammerhead Drift at Moku Ho'oniki Rock are not available during winter months due to big seas and lower chances to see sharks. During that time, however, the humpback whales are here and divers can almost always hear their song underwater!

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More Information

All arrivals to Maui are by airplane (unless you have a private boat). There are 3 airports on the island. The main airport is in Kahului and is the arrival and departure destination for all mainland flights. It is a short 45 minute car ride from Kahului to Lahaina. Some inter island flights can be obtained from the island's smaller airports in Kahana and Hana.

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