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Diving in La Paz & Isla Partida

Explore diving in La Paz & Isla Partida

Known for its pelagic habitat, El Paz and Isla Partida are home to approximately 850 marine species. From massive humpback whales to tiny seahorses, everyone will find something of interest in this section of the Sea of Cortez.

You might see hammerhead sharks, humpback whales, sperm whales, dolphins, mobulas, sea turtles and eagle rays at the El Bajo seamounts. In the spring and summer, whale sharks move through the Bay of El Paz in order to feast on the plankton blooms.

You can also find wrasse, green moray eels, starfish, angelfish and colorful fish of various shapes and sizes throughout the region. Finally, the sea lions in Los Islotes and nearby are a delight to all who dive with them.

When to dive in La Paz & Isla Partida

While the Pacific is cold, the Sea of Cortez is at its warmest. The water is approximately 80°F (27°C). Whale sharks can also occasionally be spotted around La Paz in October and again in the spring when plankton blooms occur in the area. 

December to May, divers can expect cooler temperatures in the Sea of Cortez. However uncomfortable it might be for humans, it’s balmy for pelagic species. If you are a pelagic fan, this is the best time to dive near La Paz.

This is the best month for hammerhead sharks in La Paz Bay. This is the best time to spot Humpback Whales, Grey Whales and mobulas in the area. You’ll also find increased sea lion activity. Lucky divers might spot Bullseye Rays, Banded Guitarfish and Octopuses who climb from the depths due to the cold.

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Common marine life sightings for La Paz & Isla Partida

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More Information

Manuel Márquez de León International Airport serves La Paz. Flights arrive from destinations in North America. If you are flying from a different continent, you’ll need to connect in Mexico City. Once you’ve arrived in La Paz, use a rental car, taxis or shared vans to travel between points of interest.

It’s also possible to reach La Paz by ferry from mainland Mexico or by car from Baja California Norte.

Time Zone
127 V
Pounds/square inch (psi)
A, B
Spanish; Castilian
1st Stage
INT / Yoke / K
International airports
General Manuel Marquez De Leon Intl (LAP)

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