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Diving Cornwall

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Cornwall has one of the most stunning underwater landscapes in the UK. Below the waves, its spectacular diversity ranges from highly decorated walls and magical kelp forests, to mysterious shipwrecks and thriving gullies. Granite rocks are covered in a stunning density of jewel anemones in multiple colours. Scenic gullies, walls and crevices are home to cuttlefish, dogfish, dead man's fingers, sea fans and plumose anemones.

There’s also a vibrant community of marine life, from colourful invertebrates and crustaceans, to octopus, cuttlefish, pipefish and fish aplenty. If you’re lucky, you might spot a passing seal, dolphin, porpoise, or even the elusive basking shark.

The mile long Mannacles reef is a particular highlight, with stunning walls encrusted with jewel anenomes.

When to dive Cornwall

Diving around Cornwall is heavily dictated by the wind and its direction. The water is at its warmest between June-September but diving is undertaken all year round.

The summer months are usually expected to have the best weather and best visibility. If you plan to dive in May & June huge Basking Sharks can be found skimming the surface.

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More Information

You can travel to Cornwall by renting a care once you are in England. There are also bus and train routes available.

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