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Germany, Austria, and Switzerland offer diverse and exciting diving opportunities. The second biggest freshwater lake in Central and West Europe, Lake Constance, borders onto all three countries and offers a great variety of dive sites.

In Germany, divers can explore the Baltic Sea's historic World War II wrecks and discover the underwater wonders of numerous lakes, quarries, and rivers. Kreidesee Hemmoor, Sundhäuse See and Süplinger Canyon are only a few of the most popular dive sites with both historical and naturally beautiful underwater landscapes.

Austria surprises with its picturesque Salzkammergut region, boasting around 170 lakes suitable for diving. Lake Attersee stands out as the largest and offers breath taking scenery for both beginners and advanced divers. Lake Weissensee is affectionately known as the Caribbean of the Alps, because of its turquoise blue water and water temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius in summer. In winter Weissensee turns into a top ice diving spot in Europe.

Switzerland's alpine lakes and rivers provide mystical diving experiences, with the Verzasca River being a popular choice for its stunning visibility. Lake Lucerne offers diving opportunities for all skill levels, and lake Vierwaldstättersee is home to an abundance of marine life.

Whether it's exploring wrecks, underwater forests, or hidden treasures, divers in these three countries are in for unforgettable adventures.

When to dive DACH

You can dive all year-round in the DACH region but the most popular dive season is during the summer months from May to October. Then the water temperatures are warmer and the visibility is usually good.  In summer it is personal preference if you want to dive in a wet suit or a dry suit but in winter a dry suit is recommended to stay warm and dry. For the adventurous divers, ice diving season is from January to March when the mountain lakes are frozen and present a very unique underwater experience. 

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More Information

There a different ways to get around Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You can drive, take the train or fly. The DACH region has many well connected airports, a great train network and well built motorways. 

It is best and easiest to drive to the many different dive sites as they can be remote. Check with your local dive center if they offer transport from the dive shop to the dive site. 

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