Melodie Trevino 2
Committed to seeking adventure and saving the ocean.


The PADI AmbassaDiver

A PADI AmbassaDiver is a steward of diving and the water planet, carrying a 'torch’ for the ocean, lighting the way for others, inspiring them to pursue a passion or follow a dream. If you are a motivating force, in your community, both above and below the surface, we need your voice to both lead and encourage others to join all of us in standing up for a brighter future for humanity and the ocean.

Tara Jain
Tara Jain

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and Head of ReefWatch (India)

PADI AmbassaDiver -Baki Zainal
Baki Zainal

PADI Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver and Malaysian TV personality

Melodie Trevino - PADI AmbassaDiver
Melodie Trevino

PADI Diver, former Olympic diver and sustainable dive tourism advocate.

Torchbearer Color

Torchbearer Community

We are seeking everyday ocean ambassadors who are passionate about healing the planet above and below the surface.  Everyone has the power to stand up for the ocean and it will take all of us working together to restore balance between humanity and nature. Become a PADI Torchbearers and join a community that is turning passion into purpose for the ocean, taking both ‘fins on’ and ‘fins off’ actions, to bring about meaningful change and a more sustainable future.