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Grantee Stories

Meet local dive communities around the globe doing urgent work to save our ocean. 

PADI AWARE Foundation™ Community Grant Program

The PADI AWARE Foundation’s Mission Hub Community Grant Program is a cornerstone initiative to accelerate participation, education, and advocacy for ocean protection. This year, PADI AWARE Foundation provided critical resources to community projects across 15 countries - from coral reef restoration to climate change mitigation - and has made a commitment to provide over $5 million in funding by 2025.

Our Grantees

These are the PADI AWARE Community Grantees. They’re creating the future we want to see.
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Coral Reef Conservation
Reef Renewal, Curacao




Coral Reef Conservation
Dodo Divers, Mauritius




Marine Protected Areas
Takata Dive & Research Centre, Mexico
Coral Reef Conservation
Big Bubble Dive Resort, Thailand
Coral Reef Conservation
Whaleshark & Oceanic Research Center, Honduras
Marine Debris
Florida Keys Dive Center, USA
Coral Reef Conservation
Ocean Ventures, Fiji
Marine Debris
Seattle Dive Tours, USA
Marine Debris
Emerald Coast Scuba, USA
Marine Protected Areas
Acqua Sub, Brazil
Coral Reef Restoration
7 PERLE A.S.D., Italy
Vulnerable Species
TRACC (Tropical Research and Conservation Centre), Borneo
Vulnerable Species
The Red Sea Project, Egypt
Vulnerable Species
The Seahorse Trust, Malta
Vulnerable Species
Bubbles Dive Resort Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Coral Reef Restoration
Diving Planet, Colombia




Vulnerable Species
Iguana Divers, Costa Rica




Channel Islands - Kelp Diver
Climate Change
Aquarius Dive Shop, Monterey, USA




What does PADI AWARE's Grant Program fund?

Grants will be awarded to ocean protection initiatives and projects that directly advance the PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action, in direct support of the United Nations Decade of Science for Sustainable Development. All projects must fall under one of these five program areas.

  • Marine Debris

  • Vulnerable Species Protection

  • Coral Reefs

  • Climate Change

  • Marine Protected Areas

How do I donate to help fund more community grants?
What is the criteria?

Funding is limited to PADI Dive Centers and non-profit organizations. All non-profit organizations must have an operating budget of less than 1 million USD..

Who funds the PADI AWARE Community Grant Program?

PADI AWARE Foundation, a public charity, funds grants through public donations.