Reef Divers - Rhinophores & Branchia on Nudi

Reef Divers

2023 PADI AWARE Grantee



Divers collect data to help policy makers act quickly to prevent biodiversity loss.

Reef Divers are utilizing PADI AWARE Foundation funding to set up a research centre to continuously monitor South African reefs using professional and recreational divers. These reefs are home to some of the highest levels of endemic species, native animals that can only be found in that specific location. 






Reef Divers monitor local reef health and educate the public on marine conservation.

“The money from the PADI AWARE grant has allowed us to set up a research centre,” shares the Reef Divers team. “This research centre will allow us to continuously monitor reef health and educate people on the importance of marine conservation and how they can help.”

The diverse and unique ecosystem found off the coast of South Africa will now be surveyed continuously by recreational and professional divers from Reef Divers. “Due to the alarming effects of global warming that has been reported in other areas, it is important to continuously monitor these areas to ensure ecosystem health and conserve biodiversity for future generations.”

The team sees this work as important because up-to-date knowledge about the state of the local marine ecosystem collected by the divers can be “analysed and presented to policy makers to allow them to act quickly to prevent biodiversity loss.” Additionally, Reef Divers highlight how adding a research centre to their dive shop will support the local community through generating income, tourism, and education. “This research centre will generate income in the local community by increasing tourism and protecting their natural assets.”



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