Blue Corner Dive - students learning reef health monitoring

Blue Corner Dive

2022 & 2023 PADI AWARE Grantee



Blue Corner Dive is utilizing PADI AWARE grant funding to expand their conservation efforts, through training staff, providing research internships, developing manta ray monitoring, and coral restoration in the Nusa Islands.

Blue Corner Dive has a long established coral restoration project, one of the oldest in the region. Many conservation professionals around the world received their training at Blue Corner Dive. PADI AWARE funding will increase training opportunities, and provide research internships for local Indonesian university students. 





Investing in conservation practitioners to restore the health of the ocean in Nusa Penida and around the world.

“Over a decade ago we started monitoring the reefs around Nusa Penida & Lembongan and watched as impacts began to accumulate,” reflects Andrew Taylor, co-owner of Blue Corner Dive. “Large areas of reef became broken and damaged and the megafauna for which the area is famous was becoming stressed. Over the years we watched as the environment fell apart in front of our eyes. Much of the community felt hopeless.”

The divers took this crisis, and turned it into an opportunity to respond collaboratively. “We started working with the local community on environmental initiatives,” says Taylor, “running conservation training programs, and restoring the coral reefs.” And the efforts resulted in real positive change. “The broken rubble reef we began restoring six years ago is now covered in coral and teaming with marine life. The site is a testament to what can be done with a bit of passion and funding.”

The latest PADI AWARE funding will now provide the opportunity to build upon their successful model. “We are now ready to scale up our efforts,” says Taylor, “and feel hopeful that we can protect and restore the marine life in our waters.”

“We can, and we WILL restore the ocean environment.” 



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