Rwenzori Scuba Divers and Salvage Diving Team Photo - for a voluntary clean up at Miami Beach on Lake Victoria

Rwenzori Scuba Divers and Salvage Limited

2023 PADI AWARE Grantee



Removing man-made debris from Lake Victoria in Uganda, and taking action to collaborate on local debris management.

Hosting Dives Against Debris' in Lake Victoria, Uganda is just the start of a much larger environmental and health initiative for Rwenzori Scuba Divers and Salvage Limited. Coupled with the dives, the Dive Center is creating a civil society engagement and public-private partnership to establish the Lake Victoria Rwenzori Scuba Divers and PADI AWARE Conservation Program (LVRPA Initiative) to introduce a National Garbage management plan for Marine Debris to stop trash from entering into Lake Victoria.





Rwenzori Scuba Divers and Salvage Limited are utilizing Dive Against Debris and partnering with a multitude of local stakeholders to contribute to the adoption of the Marine Debris Management Act.

Utilizing the PADI AWARE Foundation grant, Rwenzori Scuba Divers and Salvage Limited will launch awareness programs and partnerships, advocating for policies to sustainably manage marine debris. The Dive Center has seen how poor waste management impacts the lake and greatly negatively affects the water resources for more 20 million people along the shores. Through regular environmental management and advocacy, this initiative aims to curb debris flow into Lake Victoria, the River Nile, and beyond, fostering better sanitation and water resource management for the area.

How does the Dive Center plan to make such a large impact? With partners like Beach Management Units, Fishing Communities, City Garbage Units, Home Communities along the lakes, Island Communities, and Maritime Centres, Rwenzori Scuba Divers and Salvage Limited hopes to inspire government agencies to take the issue seriously. Dumping waste from the capital of Uganda, Kampala is a major issue impacting the area. Collecting, weighing, and reporting tonnage of debris from Lake Victoria will give data evidence of the issue.

“This will also give our organisation a better platform to negotiate with Uganda authorities and the entire Africa region,” says George William Mukasa, Director of Rwenzori Scuba Divers and Salvage Limited.

This isn’t the first time the Dive Center has used their skills for good.  In fact the company was formed in response to flash floods in which over 200 people lost their lives. “We had to take bravery and dive in -2 [degree] Cold Water to save their lives and property,” said Mukasa. “We formed up to save lives.”

How will Mukasa feel if he’s able to implement this plan successfully? “It will make me and my team proud to have grossly contributed to the Saving of Lake Victoria from Debris,” he says. “I will be happy and Proud of PADI and PADI AWARE for being the Global leading organisation in saving and conserving our ecosystem where we derive most of our socio-economic activities and livelihood.”



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