We Are Ocean Change

Our global community of Ocean Torchbearers is leading a powerful movement to restore ourselves, our communities and the blue planet we call home.



Create a Billion Torchbearers to Explore and Protect the Ocean

This is PADI's bold mission. As the world's largest diving organization, we have a tremendous opportunity to mobilize people to engage in solution-based initiatives geared towards a more sustainable future for all.





PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action

Ocean Torchbearers are taking action to protect 30% of the ocean by 2030.



Local Action. Global Impact.

Working alongside PADI AWARE Foundation, PADI offers numerous pathways for engagement in marine conservation at the local and global levels. From signing a petition to protect sharks and rays, planting corals or removing marine debris with your local dive center, there are solution-based opportunities for everyone to build a more resilient ocean.








PADI Dive Shops around the world need passionate people like you to save the ocean. Join a conservation event and help protect what you love, above and below the surface.



Stories from the Community



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Create Change. Become an Ocean Torchbearer.

Your voice matters. Join the global community creating ocean change.