Zibel Mistra Bay Team Shot


2022 PADI AWARE Grantee



This grantee clears waste materials from the seas of Malta, and finds solutions to avoid waste ending up in landfills.

Zibel in Malta is dedicated to reducing the overall waste generated on the islands and restoring the environments to their most natural states. With their PADI AWARE Foundation Community Grant, divers will clear the Mediterranean of waste through the Dive Against Debris program, as well as find solutions to minimize waste materials.





Zibel in Malta will mobilize communities to combat marine litter, through research, direct action, and education.

For Zibel, community participation is key. Since 2017, Zibel has engaged over 5000 volunteers to clean over 130 tonnes of trash.​ They aim to engage with all sectors of the community in their pursuit of a clean sea. “We aim to bring everyone together to ensure the proper sustenance of our marine ecosystems,” says Andrew Schembri, Chairman of Zibel. 

What’s Zibel’s end goal? Simple - to see Malta flourish, without waste. 

What’s something important for the community to know about finding solutions to marine debris? “It Starts With You!”



Want to see more of Zibel in action?

You can follow along with Zibel and their debris removal project on their websiteInstagramFacebook, or on https://www.padi.com/aware.