What is Adopt the Blue?

The world’s largest network of underwater sites for conservation action.



We Are Ocean Change

Our vision is to achieve balance between humanity and the ocean.

We will do this by rallying millions of Ocean Torchbearers - a global force for good that can be mobilized to restore ocean health and support our coastal communities around the world.

It will take all of us working together, united by our passion and armed with a clear plan of action to turn the dial towards a healthy future for people and planet.



Current Ocean Torchbearer Campaigns

WIN: Helped Protect 100 Species of Sharks at CITES

Thank you to every one of you who took any local action, from generous donations to signing the petition. 2023 promises to build on these fantastic results and help protect sharks.

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Goal: Make Sustainable Diving the Industry Norm
Green Fins Sustainable Diving

Learn more about our partnership with The Reef World Foundation and help make sustainable diving practices the industry standard. 

The SeaGrass Grow
Goal: Restore Blue Carbon Ecosystems
Blue Carbon

Through our partnership with The Ocean Foundation, we help to restore seagrass and mangroves, ecosystems that support millions of marine species. 

Goal: Achieve Marine Debris Reduction
Every Dive a Survey Dive

Join the largest citizen science movement on the planet. Grab your mesh bag, scuba gear and data card to make #EveryDiveaSurveyDive. 



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Create Change. Become an Ocean Torchbearer.

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Over the next 10-years, the PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action will work to:







How We're Protecting the Ocean

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Citizen Science and Marine Research

We are the world's largest underwater citizen science movement. Together as a global community, we collect critical data to advance marine research on the key threats to the ocean. 

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We have influence at the policy table, advancing campaigns that support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations in 2015.

Grant program
Community Grants

The PADI AWARE Foundation’s™ Mission Hub Community Grant Program provides direct financial resources to community-based projects that address key ocean threats. 



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Donate to AWARE Foundation

All of our work is made possible by generous donors like you.



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PADI Pillars of Change

PADI empowers divers to become ocean stewards by supporting critical social and environmental efforts.