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Local Action. Global Impact.

PADI's community of Ocean Torchbearers is one of the most effective groups for ocean change on the planet. They are in a unique position to report on the key threats facing the marine environment and help make a difference to restore balance between humanity and nature. PADI and PADI AWARE Foundation are committed to uniting ocean advocates around the world through the PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action, driving action at the local level that drives global ocean conservation.

Current Ocean Torchbearer Actions & Events


Take action for the ocean 16-24 September with PADI dive shops around the world. The 6th Annual AWARE Week encourages the global dive community to take part in conservation activities and courses focused on local action for global impact.

This year’s annual celebration is presented in partnership with Blancpain, the founding partner of the PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action and the flagship Adopt the Blue™ MPA program.


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Sign On to Reduce Single Use Plastics

An estimated 14 million tonnes of plastic is added to the ocean every year, making up 80% of marine debris. PADI AWARE Foundation is actively engaged in the development of the Plastics Treaty - a once in a lifetime opportunity to place legally binding limits on the production and wastage of single use plastics at the GLOBAL level. Supporting AWARE will ensure your choice is heard at the policy table.

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Donate Today. Protect Sharks Tomorrow.

Sharks and rays are one of the most threatened groups of animals on the planet. To combat this ocean emergency, PADI AWARE is proud to introduce the Global Shark & Ray Census, a citizen science program that aims to monitor shark and ray populations and to ensure they are protected from extinction. Your donation will help accelarate the launch of this new program in 2024.

Ocean Conservation Courses

Understanding the key marine threats is critical to engaging and protecting the oceans. To continue your ocean education, you can enroll in PADI AWRE courses or take a conservation-related Distinctive Specialty at a PADI Dive Center or Resort.

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Featured Course
PADI AWARE Specialist

Featuring a hands-on digital PADI eLearning experience, the AWARE Specialist course dismantles the barriers between diving and conservation, making the step towards responsible marine conservation accessible to all. Expand your conservation knowledge with the Ten Tips to Save the Ocean so that you can become a more effective ocean advocate.

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Continue Your Education
Dive Against Debris Course

Become an underwater citizen scientist and keep your favorite dive site debris free. Divers are uniquely positioned to report, remove and use our collective voice to stop marine debris at its source. Your data advances critical marine research and contributes to the largest underwater citizen science database on the planet. Our environmental policy experts work with decision-makers to plan wisely and make the smart choices for the ocean.

Join Our Community of Ocean Torchbearers

Take the Save the Ocean pledge to show your support for ocean conservation. By joining the community, you will learn of upcoming opportunities to create ocean change above and below the surface.