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Dona a la Fundación AWARE

La Fundación PADI AWARE es una organización sin fines de lucro financiada con fondos públicos que empodera a las comunidades locales para que tomen medidas de conservación sobre las mayores amenazas que enfrenta el océano.

Todo nuestro trabajo es posible gracias a donantes generosos como tú.

Con nuestro socio principal en conservación, la Fundación AWARE, esto es lo que hemos logrado hasta ahora:

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Sign On to Reduce Single Use Plastics

An estimated 14 million tonnes of plastic is added to the ocean every year, making up 80% of marine debris. PADI AWARE Foundation is actively engaged in the development of the Plastics Treaty - a once in a lifetime opportunity to place legally binding limits on the production and wastage of single use plastics at the GLOBAL level. Supporting AWARE will ensure your choice is heard at the policy table.

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Support our Blue Planet with PADI Club

PADI Club is a passionate community of underwater enthusiasts motivated to protect what is worth saving. 5% of every PADI Club membership is donated to the PADI AWARE Foundation™ for global ocean conservation and marine animal protection. Support ocean conservation through an AWARE specialty certification, an AWARE certification card, or sustainable PADI Gear—all eligible for Club member discount.

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PADI AWARE Foundation Cards

Each year, environmental charity PADI AWARE Foundation™ releases a limited edition card. Every purchase includes a tax-deductible $10 US donation that funds ocean conservation and marine animal protection. Donations support the Conservation Blueprint – a vision to achieve balance between humanity and ocean.

This year Showcase your dive skills and support ocean conservation with the PADI AWARE certification card design from photographer Stan Moniz. A green sea turtle floats in an oasis of aquamarine off the West Coast of Maui, Hawaii.

Choose a physical card made from recycled plastic, or minimize your carbon footprint with a PADI eCard — delivered digitally via the PADI App. An additional donation for greater environmental impact can be made at checkout.

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Make waves for our blue planet and dive into your next adventure with gear made from recycled materials. We’ve got you covered from top to toe with sustainable apparel for a day on the boat, or in your own backyard. Find quick-dry recycled plastic beach towels, UPF 50 rash guards, ocean-friendly tees, hoodies, ocean cleanup bags, and more at PADI Gear marketplace. Gear you need made from materials you'll love, a win for you and our oceans blue!

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Ocean Conservation Courses

Understanding the key marine threats is critical to engaging and protecting the oceans. To continue your ocean education, you can enroll in PADI AWARE courses or take a conservation-related Distinctive Specialty at a PADI Dive Center or Resort.

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Featured Course
PADI AWARE Specialist

Featuring a hands-on digital PADI eLearning experience, the AWARE Specialist course dismantles the barriers between diving and conservation, making the step towards responsible marine conservation accessible to all. Expand your conservation knowledge with the Ten Tips to Save the Ocean so that you can become a more effective ocean advocate.

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Continue Your Education
Dive Against Debris Course

Become an underwater citizen scientist and keep your favorite dive site debris free. Divers are uniquely positioned to report, remove and use our collective voice to stop marine debris at its source. Your data advances critical marine research and contributes to the largest underwater citizen science database on the planet. Our environmental policy experts work with decision-makers to plan wisely and make the smart choices for the ocean.

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Join Our Community of Ocean Torchbearers

Take the Save the Ocean pledge to show your support for ocean conservation. By joining the community, you will learn of upcoming opportunities to create ocean change above and below the surface.