Suspended PADI Members

Suspended PADI Members

The following lists PADI Dive Centers, Resorts and individual members suspended from the organization for a specified time (temporary status). During suspension, individual members, dive centers, or resorts can’t represent themselves as PADI Members or conduct PADI courses. If you have any questions about an individual listed, please contact the Quality Management Department at a PADI Regional Headquarters

List of Suspended Members

Quality Management Report







Alawi Jasni Bin 400531 Guangzhou China 25-Jul-2019 to 25-Jul-2020
Fan Wang 405106 Shanghai China 3-Oct-2019 to 3-Oct-2020
Grannum Peter 67147 Christ Church Barbados 9-Jan-2020 to 9-Jul-2020
Jos Jestin 651034 Kerala India 21-Nov-2019 to 21-Feb-2020
Newell Tyler 261448 Honolulu HI, USA 10 February 2011
Ombak Divers   S-23160 Perhentian Malaysia 21-Nov-2019 to 21-Nov-2020
Pei Xiao Yu 402789 Sichuan Province China 11-Jul-2019 to 11-Jul-2020
Ru Wang Cheng 398853 New Taipei City Taiwan 21-Nov-2019 to 21-Feb-2020
Scuba Cochin   S-22464 Kadavanthra India 21-Nov-2019 to 21-Feb-2020
Sidive Diving Center   S-26125 Mactan Philippines 22-Aug-2019 to 22-Feb-2020
Suntornrat Suntorn 492064 Bangtao Thailand 6-Sep-2019 to 6-Sep-2020
Timmins Simon 606868 Cebu Philippines 22-Aug-2019 to 22-Aug-2020
Vestil Jerome Earl 460806 Cebu Philippines 22-Aug-2019 to 22-Feb-2020
Wenchao Xue 404430 Kunming China 3-Oct-2019 to 3-Oct-2020
Xian Chen 389956 Shanghai China 11-Apr-2019 to 11-Apr-2020
Zhang Tianji 373056 Xia Men China 2-Aug-2019 to 22-Feb-2020