Suspended PADI Members

Suspended PADI Members

The following lists PADI Dive Centers, Resorts and individual members suspended from the organization for a specified time (temporary status). During suspension, individual members, dive centers, or resorts can’t represent themselves as PADI Members or conduct PADI courses. If you have any questions about an individual listed, please contact the Quality Management Department at a PADI Regional Headquarters

List of Suspended Members

Quality Management Report







Bustamente Dino 96686 Cebu Philippines 10-May-2018 to 10-May-2019
Fidelis Neville 272223 Kota Kinabalu Malaysia 8-Nov-2018 to 8-Nov-2019
Haddock Benjamin 477951 Hastings, VIC Australia 24-May-2018 to 24-May-2019
Hoi Ki Chung 422651 Hong Kong Hong Kong 31-Jan-2019 to 31-Jan-2020
Jimmy Lionel 327113 Luganville Vanuatu 25-October-2018 to 25-April-2019
Ma MingMing 410181 Tong Cheng China 20-Dec-2018 to 20-Dec-2019
Newell Tyler 261448 Honolulu HI, USA 10 February 2011
Peng Yuan Chi 285630 Taipei City Taiwan 8-Nov-18 to 8-May-2019
Secades Marese 408953 Manila Philippines 7-Dec-2018 to 7-Jun-2019
Sharizal Jeffree 466593 Selangor Malaysia 6-Dec-2018 to 6-Jun-2018
Yang Chi-Hua 316899 Keelung Taiwan 28-September-2018 to 28-March-2019