Survey your local waters and help lead the global effort to rid the ocean of plastic!

PADI and The Ocean Cleanup are joining forces to rid the ocean of plastic – and we’re starting in Malaysia.




We are joining Malaysian dive operators in one of the most ambitious cleanups ever taken on by the dive community. This marine debris project, the first of its kind, will collaborate with local communities for the benefit of people and planet, in Malaysia and around the world.





The Ocean Cleanup River Interceptor

A Solution Based Project

For this project, we have partnered with The Ocean Cleanup who are aiming to tackle 1000 of the world's most polluting rivers in 5 years, using technological solutions that will help stop plastic waste from entering the ocean. 

Working Together with Partners and Government

To help implement these solutions in Malaysia,  PADI and The Ocean Cleanup will work together with government leaders, individuals and private corporations. 

Collecting the right data, from experts on the ground and in the water, is essential to the success of these deployments. We will provide monitoring, analysis and optimization that maximizes the impact of these solutions. 

Led by Local Communities and PADI Dive Operators

This project is created in direct collaboration with locals to help solve global marine debris issues.



Project Need

Below are the three surveys we are requesting dive centers to commit to for participation in the project. These requirements are needed in order to collect enough marine debris data to perform the research study. We will work collaboratively with local dive shops and communities to get a better understanding of local conditions, proposed survey sites and training needs from dive centers. Flexibility will be allotted for certain regions, taking into account the seasonality of the business and activities.


River Survey

A minimum of two river surveys every week, conducted at an agreed river site, using The Ocean Cleanup debris survey app. Each river survey shall last at least 15 minutes.

Ocean Survey

A minimum of 2 ocean surveys per month. Each survey shall last at least 30 minutes.

Seafloor Survey

A minimum of 2 Dive Against Debris surveys at an agreed survey site per month.



As part of your participation in the inaugural PADI and The Ocean Cleanup global clean up effort, PADI will:
  • Include mention of your dive operation in all global PR and marketing exposure
  • Provide local marketing and campaign support to help drive business to your dive center to participate in this Malaysian plastic research project and AWARE Dive Against Debris course
  • Provide support through the PADI AWARE Community Grant program to help offset project costs (pending ability to meet criteria of site locations)
  • Provide Dive Against Debris Bags, exclusive tee shirts and other fun swag for your staff
  • Inclusion in the final report as part of the research team that helped rid the oceans of plastic!



PADI and PADI AWARE staff will be your support team to assist you throughout this ground-breaking project.

Learn more about opportunities for funding support through PADI AWARE Foundation's Community Grant program HERE



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