Inclusivity in Diving

Clean-Up Malaysia Project Funding Criteria




In partnership with PADI and The Ocean Cleanup, the PADI AWARE Foundation will provide funding support to approved participating PADI operators providing surveys at designated sites. Approved operators will be nominated by PADI Regional Managers and ratified by the PADI AWARE Foundation. Approved operators will be expected to confirm which months they will commit to surveying prior to receiving funding support.
For each survey month identified by the approved operator, the operator will commit to conducting all of the following surveys at approved sites: 1) A minimum of 2 PADI AWARE Foundation Dive Against Debris surveys at an agreed survey site; 2) A minimum of 2 ocean surveys using the Ocean Cleanup debris survey app. Each survey shall last at least 30 minutes and; 3) A minimum of 2 river surveys every week, conducted at an agreed river site, using the Ocean Cleanup debris survey app. Each river survey shall last at least 15 minutes.

Relevant training will be provided on collecting and submitting data for each type of survey. Each month’s survey will be recorded on the Survey Report form provided, and submitted to the PADI AWARE Foundation at the end of each month. Funding amount will be determined based on level of participation and ability to conduct surveys at designated sites.