Li Xian
Scuba Diving

Li Xian

PADI Diver and Actor


Li Xian, an actor best known for his work on Chinese hits Go Go Squid!, Dear Love and Soul Snatcher, is taking on a new role: Ocean Protector. His interest in the ocean began while filming the web series Tientsin Mystic. His character, Guo Deyou “River God”, required many underwater scenes, 20 days of underwater filming. This role caused Xian to fall in love with the ocean and learn to scuba dive and freedive.

Xian is now a PADI Global Youth Ambassador to help restore ocean health and support coastal communities around the world. Through diving at different dive sites around the world, Xian noticed that our ocean is being threatened and destroyed by a series of man-made activities, such as plastic waste, water pollution and the destruction of marine habitats. He now wants to raise more awareness of environmental protection through his actions.

Recently, Xian dived and participated in the coral planting campaign at Boundary Island, Hainan. There, he completed the task of planting corals, appealing more people to pay attention to a series of environmental issues, including coral bleaching, plastic pollution and fragile marine ecology.

Learn more about how you can join Li Xian and thousands of others to help protect the ocean with PADI AWARE  



Jingzhou Shi, Hubei Sheng
“Our vision is to achieve the balance between humanity and the ocean,”

Career Highlights

  • Rose to stardom with roles in the Chinese TV comedy Go Go Squid! and web series Sword Dynasty, which have earned him over 22 million Weibo followers.
  • Participated in the promotion of the United Nations's World Wildlife Day with public welfare videos and social media posts, calling on the public to actively participate in the protection of wildlife and defend the natural environment.
  • Earned a nomination for Best Web Drama Actor at The Actors of China Awards for his role as Guo Deyou in Tientsin Mystic.
  • Appeared in Forbes Asia 100 Digital Stars list and Forbes China Celebrity 100 list in 2020.

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