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PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the most recognized dive training organization worldwide with 29 million certifications and counting. PADI Dive Instructors undergo rigorous training to ensure your scuba certification class is fun and safe.

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Diver certification begins here with PADI's online learning.

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PADI eCards
Gift Yourself, Gift Back to Our Blue Planet!

Put yourself on your holiday gift list this year and renew your underwater connection with a NEW limited edition dive certification card that gives back to our blue planet.

Your certification card says a lot about you – your scuba certification level, how long you’ve been diving and what you care about.

Show your PADI certified diver status around the globe with a mobile eCard, recycled plastic card or both

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Why Scuba Adventures Make the Perfect Present

Give someone a world of happiness and unforgettable moments beneath the waves. A scuba diving experience is the perfect present for those seeking adventure and connection. Click below to uncover the magic of giving the gift of exploration and igniting a passion for the underwater world!



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How PADI is Fostering Diversity & Inclusion in the Diving Industry

As the world's largest network of underwater explorers, we take pride in celebrating and embracing the inclusive nature and diversity of diving. To fulfill our vision to foster harmony between humanity and the ocean, we acknowledge the social, economic, and environmental impacts of our actions. We are committed to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the dive industry while actively seeking new avenues to expand access to the ocean and the transformative experience of diving.

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Do You Love Coral Reefs? So Do We.

Coral reefs support at least 25% of marine species and are vital to life on earth. Current projections demonstrate we are at risk to lose 90% of our reefs worldwide by 2050.

This holiday season, please consider gifting a healthy coral reef with a donation to PADI AWARE to help fund our coral reef rescue program in partnership with scientists and local governments.

Dive Travel

Our PADI Travel Scuba Experts can help you find the perfect destination, with a variety of marine life, and plan a dive adventure that’s fun, memorable, and as worry-free as possible.  Choose your dream vacation whether staying overnight on a diving boat or enjoying dive trips at a dive resort.
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Save Big on Your Dream Scuba Adventure

Explore amazing holiday deals for your upcoming scuba adventures! Dive into the beauty of the world with liveaboard expeditions or enjoy a tranquil escape at a Dive Resort. From Micronesia's shipwrecks to the Maldives' whale sharks and mantas, secure exclusive deals for your dream destinations now!

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Discover World's Best Wreck Diving

 Wreck diving isn't just a dive; it's an immersive encounter with mystery, history, and the awe-inspiring. For adventurous divers armed with curiosity and a passion for the unknown, gear up and take the plunge into the extraordinary—an experience of a lifetime where the sea's secrets unfold in a captivating underwater odyssey.

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Find Your Next Scuba Trip

PADI Adventures offers you a world of captivating underwater experiences. Whether you're eager to discover exciting new local dive sites or enhance your skills through a variety of dive courses, embarking on your aquatic journey is just a few clicks away.

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Gifts for Ocean Lovers

PADI Gear is our marketplace with products any ocean lover will love – from towels made from recycled plastic bottles to rash guards made from retired fishing nets to reusable water bottles, and so much more.