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PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the most recognized dive training organization worldwide with 29 million certifications and counting. PADI Dive Instructors undergo rigorous training to ensure your scuba certification class is fun and safe.

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What Members Love Most about PADI Club

Want to share your passion for the ocean? Our PADI Club™ members love their FREE annual Scuba Diving® magazine subscription, FREE online PADI ReActivate® Scuba Refresher, 20% off select eLearning courses, 5% donation to PADI AWARE for ocean love + more!

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Diver certification begins here with PADI's online learning.

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Open Water Diver
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Advanced Open Water Diver
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For Divers
Enriched Air Diver
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Show Your PADI Diver Status With a NEW Certification Card!

Make a splash in 2024 with a NEW limited edition dive certification card design by wildlife photographers Sam Glenn-Smith, Stan Moniz, and Jay Clue. Choose from a dazzling array of weedy seadragon, green sea turtle and manta ray designs in eCard and waterproof card made from recycled materials, only 2,500 available.

8 Scuba Destinations With the Best Year-Round Diving

8 Scuba Destinations With the Best Year-Round Diving

Dive into year-round underwater adventures at these top scuba diving destinations. From Bonaire's pristine coral reefs to the Maldives' luxury and marine life, these spots offer unforgettable experiences every month. Whether you're a seasoned diver or a beginner, these dive havens await exploration.

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Protect What You Love!

Learn how to better protect what you care for most in this new action-based program. Dive into our 10 Tips To Save the Ocean in this blog.

Dive Travel

Our PADI Travel Scuba Experts can help you find the perfect destination, with a variety of marine life, and plan a dive adventure that’s fun, memorable, and as worry-free as possible.  Choose your dream vacation whether staying overnight on a diving boat or enjoying dive trips at a dive resort.

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Top Dive Destinations Recommended by PADI Travel Experts

Embark on an underwater adventure to start the new year! Our expert travel team reveals their top global dive destinations that belong on every diver’s bucket list. Start planning today for an unforgettable scuba getaway to these exceptional dive locations.

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Top Dive Resorts in Thailand

Escape to the tropical paradise of Thailand and immerse yourself in a world of vibrant marine life. Our team of travel experts has curated a list of eight exceptional retreats at the gateway to the underwater wonders of the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.

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Find Your Next Scuba Trip

PADI Adventures offers you a world of captivating underwater experiences. Whether you're eager to discover exciting new local dive sites or enhance your skills through a variety of dive courses, embarking on your aquatic journey is only a few clicks away.

Gear Up for Topside Adventure

Gear Up for Topside Adventure

Prep for adventure with PADI Gear™. Shop dry bags to stow your gear, and stay warm & dry with recycled plastic beach towels, rash guards, ocean-friendly tees and hoodies. PADI Gear has it all for seaside fun!