PADI AmbassaDiver Aakash Malhotra is seen skydiving.

Aakash Malhotra

"Encouraging Indian adventurers through immersive storytelling and professional education, fostering a culture of fearless exploration, and celebrating diverse landscapes to embrace thrilling adventures."


Aakash Malhotra "Sky" is a daring adventurer, global explorer, and renowned travel content creator from India. He lives on the edge of exhilaration through extreme sports – skydiving, scuba diving and snowboarding. When Sky says, “I have a crush on the world, he means it. He’s explored 47 countries and nearly every corner of India. His tales ignite inspiration, making him a top influencer in travel and adventure content creation. He says, “Smell the rain and feel the wind, live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”


Palampurd, Himachal Pradesh

Career Highlights

  • Listed as Forbes India Top 100 Content Creator in 2022 and 2023
  • USPA Certified Skydiver (B License)

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