Three Decades of Ocean Conservation

Our History & Achievements 



Our Journey

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Project AWARE Foundation: 1989

Our ocean conservation adventure started as a project – an environmental ethic initiated by PADI in the late 80’s. The founding mission of Project A.W.A.R.E was to teach the world about the importance and responsibility of preserving the aquatic environment. 

Project AWARE: 1992

With tremendous support from the dive community, Project AWARE Foundation was registered in 1992 as an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the U.S, established UK charity in 1999 and received formal nonprofit status in Australia in 2002. 

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PADI AWARE Foundation: 2021

PADI AWARE Foundation is created as an official PADI entity, further strengthening 30 years of partnership. Together we work to mobilize the PADI Torchbearer Community and advance the AWARE mission to drive local action for global ocean conservation.



Timeline of Key Milestones & Achievements



Annual Impact Reports & Financials

A registered nonprofit since 1992, AWARE is a respected and trusted leading organization for ocean protection. Each and every achievement is made possible by the generous support and direct actions of our supporters across the globe. Through mindful fiscal and operations practices, PADI AWARE ensures that every contribution achieves maximum impact for the ocean.

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