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Netherlands Diving

The Netherlands boast some surprisingly interesting dive opportunities and may not be the first place you'd think of for a dive adventure. The many lakes and rivers here, along with a coastline littered with over 10,000 shipwrecks, there are plenty of opportunities for divers comfortable in a cooler dive environment and exhilarating drift dives. Mating cuttlefish, squid, seahorses, sponges and anemones are all available for your viewing pleasure.

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Vinkeveen Zandeiland
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Dive Safely

The global scuba diving community continues to confront the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but we want to keep diving dreams alive for all our divers. Safety is our main priority, so we urge you to take recommendations from local authorities seriously and follow any guidelines in place. If you are in a location where diving is advisable, make sure to contact your local PADI Dive Shop to find out all the safety protocols they have put in place. You can also follow the personal hygiene tips put out by the WHO and consider additional safety procedures for scuba diving such as: