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PADI Corporate Social Responsibility

Advancing the PADI Mission for the benefit of people and planet.



Our Mission

Create a billion PADI Torchbearers to explore and protect the ocean.

Our approach to corporate social responsibility is built upon the organization’s long and enduring legacy to protect the underwater world that we love. As the largest network of dive centers, dive instructors and divers, we have a tremendous opportunity to mobilize millions of PADI Torchbearers to save the ocean.

PADI is uniquely positioned to play a role in the global effort to create a more sustainable future and we are committed to creating solution-based initiatives with lasting impact.




One of the most significant ways we can honor our legacy and give back to current and future generations, is to do our part to operate the PADI organization responsibly, support a sustainable dive industry and protect the ocean on which all life depends.

The Pillars of Change are reflective of PADI’s core brand values and the commitments we hold for the betterment of people and planet. Actively pursuing a course of action to address ocean challenges by engaging local communities is critical for achieving balance between humanity and nature. 



Coral Restoration
Pillar 1
Ocean Conservation

Empowering the PADI Community to take conservation action for global impact. 

Pillar 2
Industry Sustainability

Reducing the global environmental footprint of the dive industry. 

People and humanity
Pillar 3
People & Humanity

Fostering diversity and inclusion in the dive industry and supporting local communities.



Mission Partners and Affiliates

To amplify PADI’s brand mission and help achieve our 10-year conservation targets, we seek partners and affiliates that share our vision of a world where humanity lives in balance with nature.





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