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Ocean Torchbearers: Taking local action for global impact

There’s a growing community of ocean advocates taking action above and below the surface. It will take all of us working together to restore balance between humanity and nature.

Join the Community. Save The Ocean.

Torchbearers are passionately committed to our blue planet and creating ocean change. United by a shared vision to achieve balance between humanity and ocean, our community is leading a powerful movement to take local action for global impact.

Oceans Are Rising
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Take actions tied to the global goals for sustainability and international ocean policy. 

Stories from the Community

These Ocean Torchbearers are sparking change for the ocean and creating more resilient ocean communities around the globe.

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Darkened Flowers


An ocean-first marketplace that offers plastic-free alternatives and other products made from materials that result in positive net-impact on our ocean planet. 

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