PADI Mobile Apps

Introducing the all-new PADI App™

The PADI App™ provides scuba tools and resources at your fingertips, created to enhance your diving experience.

  • Access your PADI eCard™

    • A digital PADI® certification card is your passport to explore the underwater world. Present your PADI eCard to verify your highest diver qualification.

  • Refresh your hand signals

    • Underwater hand signals are universal language for divers. Refresh your hand signals learnt during your PADI Open Water Diver course.

  • Learn how to tie pro-level knots

    • View easy to follow, step-by-step methods to tying different knots.

  • Checklists prepare you for your dive day or vacation

    • Use the diver created checklist so you never forget your essentials on your dive day

Download the latest version of the PADI App

The latest version of the PADI App is available for Apple and Android users:

Many new features will be developed and added to the PADI App, so stay tuned!