Our Vision.

Achieve balance between humanity and ocean. 

You’ve found your tribe. Welcome.

You've joined a growing global community of PADI Torchbearers dedicated to healing the planet above and below the surface. Thanks for taking the first step with us. Together we can ignite change for the ocean, inspiring others to follow our light. 

Every spark counts, and it will take all of us working together if we are to restore balance between humanity and nature. We look forward to staying in touch and sharing updates that will inspire your journey as a PADI Torchbearer and champion of the blue planet.



Take Restorative Action

Here’s four ocean-saving programs we are excited about, and think you should be too.

Dive Against Debris
Goal: Tackle marine debris
Dive Against Debris

Marine debris is a key threat to ocean health. Participate in an underwater cleanup and collect important survey data.

Green Fins
Goal: Make Sustainable Diving the Industry Norm
Green Fins Environmental Standards

Support a sustainable dive and snorkel industry by adopting the Green Fins Code of Conduct and diving with Green Fins Members. 

The SeaGrass Grow
Goal: Restore blue carbon ecosystems
The SeaGrass Grow Program

Offset your carbon footprint and help mitigate climate change by supporting efforts to conserve seagrass and mangroves ecosystems.

Goal: Protect 30% of the Ocean by 2030
SeaLegacy OCEANS30 Petition

Join a global community inspiring action amongst world leaders and spark meaningful change for our blue planet.



Stories from the Community

These PADI Torchbearers are sparking change for the ocean and creating more resilient ocean communities around the globe.

Gabriel Torchbearer Card
Gabriel Talliaferrow

Youth-led ecosystem restoration in New York Harbor with The Billion Oyster Project.

Tiara Torchbearer Card
Dr. Tiara Moore

Environmental Ecologist promoting diversity in diving through Black In Marine Science Week. 

Nicky Torchbearer Card
Nicky Smedley

Raising awareness with school visits, social media and street art in Northern England.

David Torchbearer Card
David McClinton

Restoring our ocean’s vital blue carbon habitats - mangroves - in the name of climate and biodiversity.

Cassiopea Torchbearer Card
Cassiopea Carrier Doneys

Sustainable coastal management, marine ecology and awareness advocacy at the Takata Research Center.

Russell Torchbearer Card
Russell Hosp

Engaging with a world-first citizen science project on the world's most iconic reef, The Great Barrier Reef.




Donate to AWARE Foundation

All the work of our primary partners in conservation is made possible by generous donors like you.



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Discover our renewed commitment to achieving social and environmental justice in the diving industry.