bull shark

Help AWARE List 54 New Shark Species on CITES



CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endagered Species of wild fauna and flora) is an international agreement between countries that regulates international trade of wild animals and plants.

CITES seeks to ensure that international trade in any animal or plant products listed under the Convention does not adversely impact wild populations, and to ensure trade is sustainable and legal. Any country that is a signatory to CITES can put forward species to be considered for inclusion into the Convention.

This year, the government of Panama has put forward one of the widest ranging shark proposals to ever be considered for listing. They have put forward a proposal to list 54 species of sharks that are regularly found as part of the shark fin trade. The proposal includes many species of sharks that are commonly encountered by divers, such as the grey reef shark, blacktip and whitetip reef shark, bull shark and silvertip shark.

To secure trade restrictions on these sharks, PADI AWARE will be representing and amplifying the voice of the recreational diving sector to influence governments to support Panama's proposal, and to start the road to recovery for one of the most endangered group of animals on the planet.