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Jon Whittle

Best Scuba Diving Fins

By Scuba Diving Magazine | March 27, 2020
The best scuba diving fins from the 2020 Scuba Diving magazine Gear Buyers Guide.

Looking for powerful scuba diving fins that are comfortable and fit like a glove? We've rounded up several options and are sure you will find the best scuba diving fins to fit your diving style in this Gear Buyers Guide.   



Aqua Lung Storm Dive Fins
Strong compact blade provides efficient power transfer. Credit: Jon Whittle

Made of lightweight, durable Monprene, this compact fin is well-suited for dive travel. The compact blade provides plenty of power, yet remains small for easy packing and transport. The Storm has an open-heel foot pocket, but is designed to be worn as a full-foot fin. The hybrid design helps prevent fatigue. | $89  


Gull Mantis Dry Dive Fins
Beefy drysuit fin designed for balance and propulsion. Credit: Jon Whittle

Optimized for weight and balance, these rubber kickers provide strong, dynamic propulsion if you’ve got the leg strength to wield them. Primarily designed for drysuit diving, they feature large foot pockets to accommodate drysuit boots and are on the heavier side. Available with spring straps or adjustable straps. | $180, $285 (with spring strap)  


Gull Super Mew Dive Fins
Foot pocket made of thin, flexible rubber material makes for easy donning and doffing. Credit: Jon Whittle

This full-foot fin uses a hybrid rubber that combines flexible and stiff compounds to optimize comfort and performance. The midsize blade is quick and responsive, with a blade tip designed to catch water throughout the kick cycle for smooth propulsion. Wraparound treads along the bottom reduce slippage on wet boat decks. | $180   



Hollis FI LT Dive Fins
Now available in new colors. Credit: Jon Whittle

Blending power, comfort and high-grade materials, the F1 LT offers balanced performance and years of use. The spring straps, with finger loops, attach to the foot pocket with angled mounts for a smooth follow-through to get the most from every kick, and the strap attachments have multiple mounting positions for a custom fit. | $174.95 


Tusa SF0104 Hyflex Switch Dive Fins
Blades easily detach for simple carry-on packing. Credit: Jon Whittle

Comfort, power and versatility are at the heart of this capable open-heel fin. The interchangeable blade unbolts from the foot pocket in seconds for easy packing or to swap for other compatible HyFlex fin blades. The angled blade provides power, and the easy-grip bungee straps can be adjusted without tools for a perfect fit. | $199   



The HyFlex Switch Pro shares the same stable, comfortable foot pocket and adjustable bungee strap as the original HyFlex Switch, but with a blade that’s 20 percent stiffer. Aimed at more experienced divers who prefer a bit more feedback from their fins, the Pro ensures maximum efficiency throughout the kick cycle. | $219  
Heavy-duty bungee strap has five quick-adjust positions.  


Tusa SF-22 Solla Dive Fins
Now available in a choice of new colors. Credit: Jon Whittle

The angled-blade design of the Solla extends the kicking cycle for maximum power from each stroke. The wide, vented blade is made of a compound designed to provide flexibility and rigidity where they’re most needed. The generous foot pocket and the quick-adjust strap provide support and comfort, whether cruising along or powering through current. | $119   


Seac F1S Dive Fins
Low weight, strong propulsion and big value. Credit: Jon Whittle

The blade of the F1S is made from advanced dual-density materials to blend the benefits of strong side rails with a deep, flexible channel in the center for improved thrust. The foot pocket is generous to accommodate even robust boots. A bungee strap ensures a custom fit. And it comes in six colors to coordinate with most any kit. | $129   


Seac Propulsion Dive Fins
Comfort and performance at an attractive price.  Credit: Jon Whittle

The Propulsion S features a smart blade design with pronounced side rails to promote stability, plus a trio of strategically located soft channels that generate thrust and increase efficiency. The Sling Strap system, a boot-friendly bungee strap, offers a custom fit for any size foot. | $99  


Text and photos originally appeared in the March 2020 issue of Scuba Diving magazine.

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